Valle de Lluta

The Lluta Valley is located 20 minutes north of Arica. It has a high archaeological value. On the slopes of the hills you will find large geoglyphs, among which are La Rana, El Águila and Los Gigantes de Lluta, all made with positive or additive techniques and theoretically made during the period of local and cultural development between 1100 and 1400 AD.

Almost at the entrance to the Lluta Valley, a few meters from the road, there are Huaylacán colcas, underground sites with stone walls originally used to keep food longer and also protect it from rodents.

Reserva de la Biósfera Lauca

An ideal place to make excursions in contact with nature. It has incredible landscapes and a beautiful flora, composed of tolares, bofedales and endemic fauna that stands out for its camelids and variety of birds, among these, you can find the parinas, duck jergon and giant taguas. This reserve is made up of the Lauca National Park, the Las Vicuñas National Reserve and the Salar de Surire Natural Monument. It is a special destination for adventure tourism, where you can do trekking, mountaineering, climbing and photographic safaris.

It also has various cultural attractions associated with the Aymara culture that is reflected in the architecture of its villages and traditional festivals. They emphasize their churches and the religious customs that give account of an interesting cultural syncretism developed after the Hispanic colonization.


Located 145 km from Arica to the Altiplano, you arrive at Putre, a place that will take you back in time, since you will find constructions from the 17th century, like its picturesque church.

It gathers all the services that the tourist needs, from lodgings to activities of trekking, bicycle and mountaineering. The gastronomic offer also says present, where the meat of camelids, quinoa, potatoes, chuño and rice stands out.

As every town in the altiplano also has time for Carnival, the most important is celebrated in the month of February. On August 15 tribute is paid to the Virgin of Carmen and in November to the procession of Cristo Rey.


Arica, known as the city of eternal spring, which contrasts the Pacific Ocean, the stunning desert, and the imposing Morro. It has a privileged climate every day of the year, which translates into a destination that can be visited all year round.

Its beaches are suitable for sports in the sea, the king of all these is surfing. In this city every year the world championship of this discipline is celebrated, the best exponents of the world arrive to the city to run the famous wave el gringo.

In the center you can not miss visiting the historical center highlighting buildings such as the Ex Customs, San Marcos Cathedral and the Central Market, which you can meet with the free “Pedestrian Tour” offered by the Sernatur offices.

Influenced strongly by the Peruvian and Bolivian peoples, it becomes an area where the multiculturalism of both neighboring countries is reflected in the gastronomy and customs of its people.

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