What documents do I need to travel during the COVID-19 health contingency?

You will need to fill out the Affidavit for Travelers to Prevent Coronavirus Diseases (Health Passport) (www.C19.cl) and in case your city of origin or destination is in Step 1 (quarantine) or Step 2 (Transition), you must obtain the Individual Temporary Permit. For more information, please consult the following link https://saludresponde.minsal.cl/preguntas-frecuentes-viajeros/

How can I get information about a flight?

You can obtain information online, flight departures and arrivals, through our website. You can also call Arica Airport Information at (56) 58 221 34 16 If you require more information or more specific details, related to tickets, lost luggage, prices or connections, you should contact the corresponding airline directly. It is also recommended to confirm departure and arrival times with the airlines.

What items are prohibited from transporting in the cabin (hand luggage)?

Cutting elements, knives and the like, crochet needles, scissors, penknives, tools in general, golf clubs or similar, gas lighters, aerosols, gasoline, batteries, corkscrew or any item with sharp edges or points are prohibited.

What should I do in the metal detector if I have a metal prosthesis?

In these cases, the security personnel in charge of the review must be informed so that they can carry out a manual inspection at the side of the metal detector.

What documents should I present when traveling?

For international flights: the passport, the identity card and the tickets. For domestic flights: the identity card and the tickets. It is advisable to make these consultations in advance of the date of the trip, directly with the airline.

What are the services that the Airport has?

There are rent a car counters of the most recognized companies nationwide, ATMs, WiFi Internet access, food service stores. For inquiries at the airport we have at your disposal a general information and tourism center, as well as infrastructure for the disabled and parking.

Is there a cargo service at the airport?

Very close to the passenger terminal some airlines provide the cargo transfer service, so that their documentation and packages can arrive in a shorter time and more safely to their destination.

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