Sociedad Concesionaria Aeropuerto de Arica S.A. provides the Passenger Assistance Service with Reduced Mobility (“PRM”), for boarding and/or disembarkation processes, transferring and assisting the passenger and their luggage at all times during their passage through the Airport. At least the processes of arrival and departure of the Airport, boarding/disembarking, and transit/connections are considered.

We have support staff and the appropriate equipment for the provision of this service, which remains available to serve arrivals and departures of regular and non-regular flights, every day of the year.

The Assistance Service does not include the provision of services that are not expressly indicated. In particular, although without limitation, any health and/or food benefit, medical, paramedical or dental assistance, nursing care and/or care of patients, injured persons are excluded from the Assistance Service. Likewise, assistance to the PRM companion is excluded in the same terms.

The modalities of operation of the Service are:

• Passenger Boarding Assistance Request, with prior notice (at least 48 hours in advance).
• Passenger Boarding Assistance Request, without prior notice.
• Passenger Disembarkation Assistance Request, with prior notice (at least 48 hours in advance).
• Passenger Disembarkation Assistance Request, without prior notice.

Additionally, the passenger who requires the assistance service must present at least 20 minutes before the time established by the airline for presentation at the Airport. The Concessionaire will not be responsible for the loss of the flight, in case of delays attributable to the passenger.

To request Boarding / Disembarkation Assistance, please complete the following form:

Information desk

(56 58) 221 3416


24 hours a day.

Passenger Terminal building,

Chacalluta Airport of Arica

Region of Arica and Parinacota.